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I’m 25 Now and… June 10, 2010

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Nope. Nothing’s changed. Except I’m in a really good mood. And I love being with my family! And I’m looking forward to an extended birthday weekend of goodness (maybe even week if I can swing it). And and I’m psyched to really get back in the acting game again. And officially take my life back from the census. And go to Israel. And see the fireworks from my island (finally!). And a whole bunch of other amazing things that I’m ridiculously optimistic about. I’m going to take total advantage of it while I can 🙂 Oh, and today was technically supposed to be the official end of the JJ Bean blog project. We’ll see…

Off to enjoy the last 1 1/2 hour of my birthday! (Central Time).

Love Always,

Jenny J Bean

also known in her 25 years of existence as:

Jennifer Pennifer, Jenny Penny, Jenner Penner, Jennifer Jill, The Red Keppe, The Red Kep, The Kep, Boo, Jennybean, Jenanana, My Favorite Oldest Granddaughter, Jenalah, Jenny Penny Pants, Penny Pants, Pants, Jennifer, Jen, JJ, JP, and Just Plain ol’ Jenny


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