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Shifting Gears… June 7, 2010

Filed under: Randomness — The Ramblings of Amazingness By Jenny J Bean @ 11:00 pm

I must have killed 25 fruit flies today. I always feel really bad killing them, but they pretty much continue to multiply in your house if you don’t… I always get this creepy feeling that they are going to multiply and come after me for massacring their cousins… eek.

Four days and counting until my 25th birthday… double eek.

I’m ready to go back to being a full time actor. I think I’m pretty done letting non-acting work suck my soul away. Now let’s see if I can actually do it without letting the other things take precedent. I didn’t move to New York to push papers, be yelled at be building managers, babysit employees, or to be a sounding board for everyone and their mother’s opinion of the US government when I never did and still don’t really care just to collect a paycheck. (Although, admittedly, the paycheck is nice.) I’m trying to find a constructive way to ‘funnel’ my type A personality into forwarding my acting career instead of into these temporary ‘just for a paycheck’ jobs. Money is great, but I can make money in any city in the world doing any random job. It’s officially time to stop thinking of my acting career choice as ‘a la carte’ to the rest of my life… I moved to and live in New York to act, and I’m clean out of excuses not to give it my all. So here I go… more on this to come as I figure out how to make this happen…



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