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Overriding the Blah June 4, 2010

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Just watched the Betty White episode of SNL… sooooo funny! And watching Tina Fey take the ‘census’ totally made my day!!! Headed to hopefully close out a building for the census in 1/2 hour. I really hope we are able to. It would make my life so much less stressful.

Went to the meeting– not over yet, but definitely in the home stretch–

Going to see a show tonight. I’m so excited to get out of the house for a reason other than work! The next few weeks: working (a rotating schedule of 3 jobs); going to Texas for for 2 days; my official ‘I’ve lived a 1/4 century’ birthday; 3 birthday dinners; 1 birthday party; a dinner party; “Take a Freshman to work day” (more on this later); a 10 day trip to Israel; my aunt, uncle, and grandparents come to play in the city… lots of fun coming! YAY!

Just got back from coffee and a show tonight with a friend from college and ran into another friend. Lots of smiles and stories. And the show was pretty good too… having a good time and trying actively to pull myself out of the funk I’m in by planning fun things… it seems to be working– for now. šŸ™‚



One Response to “Overriding the Blah”

  1. hey love! I bought you a cute bday card šŸ™‚ now I just need to pack the present and get your address…email it to me?

    glad things are starting to look up. just remember: take good care of yourself and you are loved ā¤


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