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Initial Dropping at VIP Check-In May 24, 2010

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JJB and the VIPs for the DDAs:

Oscar winner CZJ decided to speak to the press when she wasn’t going to after she tied for best actress in a musical but She Can’t Do It Alone; her husband MD hung out 80 blocks north of Wall Street next to me in the hall waiting for his wife to finish her press interviews.
CW got mad when time ticked away on his wristwatch as he had to wait too long to walk the red carpet, so he went in through the main entrance.
SJ was In Good Company even though she arrived fashionably late, and
VD won the Drama Desk for Best Featured Actress in a play, but there was no Doubt that she deserved it. Even though she left her tickets in her hotel room.
LL was gorgeous. No story, just stunning. I might just love her, actually.
and the best one, AM snapped a cell phone pic of me and the girls behind the check in table before he went inside to thwart Peter Parker with his 8 robo-legs…. AM, if you ever read this, I totally want that picture!!!

Get ’em all? I’m still a little bit shell shocked… I haven’t been this celebrity-shocked since JA asked me and my friends which musical we thought deserved the award at the dress rehearsal for the Tonys in ’06– she was indeed practically perfect in every way

Oh, and one of my favorite people in the whole world is really good friends with the woman who won Best Actress in a Play. I am sooooooo happy for her (and of course her friend, the award winner herself… who gave me a huge hug even though she didn’t know me because I was standing next to her friend…)

Time for some more smiles and some ZZZs for JJB… I’m excited for my concert tomorrow night… I’m singing Can’t Help Lovin’ That Man and Somewhere Over the Rainbow…


2 Responses to “Initial Dropping at VIP Check-In”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Ha! JJB I ❤ you. As does my dear one, as clearly displayed last night.

    PS was MD actually in the same hallway and I missed it? Is that possible? Because ❤ him. He's the lead in my absolute favorite movie of all time. I can't believe this. This is how distracted I was.

  2. Sara Says:

    You live a joyous life. I remember days like that when I worked at Universal. Sometimes I miss those days, but really not so much because it was a lot of busy work.

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