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Little Boxes made of Ticky-Tacky… May 15, 2010

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Worked on ‘Boardwalk Empire’ again yesterday (a Martin Scorsese/HBO series). It is set on a 1920’s Boardwalk in New York, so it’s a really cool experience to be on set and in costume. It was also a well timed break from crazy census land. I’m out of hours anyway…

I love working on this particular set because I know a lot of the actors/extras on the set already… we have a really good time on the days that we work. I came home from set to a regional policy ‘ALL CREW LEADERS ARE EXPECTED TO BE AVAILABLE 7 DAYS A WEEK’. Frustrating. I am doing this job, once again, because it is flexible hours. I thought about quitting on the spot, but then I realized they didn’t specify how much time each day… Luckily my boss is very flexible.

My employees are still knocking on doors all day long every day. It’s starting to get a bit tedious for them– knocking on the same doors (they all look exactly the same in the complex we’re assigned to) over and over again with no answer. But, finally getting an interview feels like a major accomplishment!

Watched a mini-marathon of ‘Weeds’ this morning. Really interesting show– and we get all the seasons ‘free’ on Showtime On Demand. I’m realizing that I love the ‘dramadies’ that they’ve been making recently on the premium cable stations. They’re mostly really interesting, character based, and they are not afraid to take risks with controversial issues.

Okay– time to go fall asleep to some more ‘Weeds’. I’m feeling good because I did a major mitzvah for both my employees today… and I’m going to float on it… for at least a few more minutes…

Good night!

Jenny J Bean


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