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Cleaning up after ‘myself’ May 13, 2010

Filed under: Randomness — The Ramblings of Amazingness By Jenny J Bean @ 8:37 pm

I just spent all morning fixing a ‘mistake’ that ‘I’ made. And by ‘I’, I mean my Census Crew from last year. It actually wasn’t even our fault. We went to a building for ‘Address Canvassing’ (to get the numbers of all the apartments to send forms to), and the doorman wouldn’t cooperate. We were supposed to walk the floors (no one anywhere in Manhattan would let us do that) and when we couldn’t, we were supposed to get the list of the apartments from the doorman. From this particular building, last year, we got an ‘x’ number of floors with ‘1-20’ (for example) and an adamant GO AWAY. Today, I meet with a manager to make a plan to enumerate the ‘building’, and lo- and- behold– there is no ’16’ or ’18’ on each floor and there is a ’21’– so I have to delete 114 questionnaires. Sigh.


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