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A 5+ Job Day May 4, 2010

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Procrastinating on essay grading hard core… but because I am procrastinating on those, I have pretty much gotten all the details that were hanging in my life accomplished. Not a terrible trade off. Spent the morning shooting “Mystery Diagnosis” for the Discovery Health Network, early afternoon checking Census paperwork, late afternoon picking up a Census paperwork mess, early evening getting trained to work for the Associated Press- Ohio election tomorrow. I’m the help desk person this year, and late evening flipping back and forth between essays and other dangling things– and even later evening– on a conference call with my business partner designing an after school curriculum that we are trying to get out by Wednesday.

I’d like to point out that I have a really high tolerance for gross things– doctor parents were helpful there, but I am still gaggy every time I think of the stuff that was on my hands this morning when I was shooting for Discovery Health. It smelled so raunchy– basically it was shoe leather polish which was rather gross looking… which wasn’t so bad. What really got me was the smell– yuck…

And today is now officially the most constructive day in recorded history. My business partner and I just managed to knock out all of the work we needed to do in 2 1/2 hours– and send it to the schools that needed the information. Done. Phew. Sleeping. 14 Essays left… oh well– I’ll grade until I fall asleep (which by my estimation, will be about 2 more essays)…



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