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I’m going to sleep till next Tuesday. April 30, 2010

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A 17 hour day. It’s official. I’m going to sleep till next Tuesday. When I got home, instead of going to bed like a normal person, since I was already on a roll, I went through the week of mail on my desk. I managed to pay all my bills and took care of all the paperwork in my life. Complete with throwing away a full trashbag’s worth of junk that was cluttering up my room, desk, and purse.

Interestingly, my body tells me that it’s had enough in many odd ways. The most obvious and most obtrusive is the uncontrollable shutting of the eyes. Others include the random instances where I lack the ability to hold my head up (it’s really random), complete and total apathy, and hunger that I have no interest in quelling (even though I once again forgot to eat today) The real sign– and I imagine that this is really specific to me– my skin starts to get rub marks where my bag was hanging. I will literally get what looks like broken blood vessels in the areas where my bag rubs on my shoulder or where I put my grocery bag on my arm… The marathon is over– it’s time to sleep. Now. All night. And maybe day.



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