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Eating Berlinner April 29, 2010

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More training, last SAT class of the semester, last tutoring session with one of my favorite students ever, and volleyball. For the last 10 minutes of the game after I got there from tutoring– but it was still fun 🙂

I’m now eating Berlinner. Breakfast lunch and dinner. I had part of a sandwich earlier, but didn’t have time to finish in the midst of all the Census crazy. Pad Thai. It’s actually not all that good, but definitely edible. I just had some (it’s take out), I’m already full, and it doesn’t look like I even put a dent in the take out container. I guess I’ll be eating Pad Thai for a few days. There are worse things in the world…

I ran into a fabulously crazy person on the subway. I was a good 100 feet away from her, and I lightly coughed on a sip of water. Let’s be fair. It was somewhere between a cough and a throat clearing (It’s been really dry from all the teaching and training this week). She proceeded to stand up, walk over to me, and angrily accuse me of inconsiderately sharing my germs with the subway community at large. Gotta love New York!

Still in a perpetual state of exhaustion. A few of the Census trainees complimented me on my patience, and in thinking about it, ironically, I realized that I have no energy with which to lose my patience…

To sleep. I can maybe get 7 1/2 hours today. Everyday, I seem to get closer to a full night’s sleep. At this rate, I am in good shape by, say, Monday maybe?



2 Responses to “Eating Berlinner”

  1. jack d Says:

    keep on keepin on

  2. jack d Says:

    PS did you mean Berliner Pfannkuchen…? already to me this is news (“so, nu?”), sounds fantastic & delish! i should live so long to taste it…

    i’m first an olde Hamantaschen guy…
    POPPYSEED is my favorite… without this we can live…? sweet dreams, mameleh!
    your uncle yunkel xoxox

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