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Census Sermonizing, Exhaustion, and a Mango April 29, 2010

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Another long day today. Sadly, I went to my play-reading group (really good night, but I did a really lame job… I could have done much better, but I was so incredibly exhausted that I just couldn’t make it happen. Oh well. It’s over, but disappointing all the same. It’s supposed to be a safe space, so hopefully the group wasn’t too judgy…)

At the current moment, I am eating a mango. Well, not really eating per se– it’s so hard to cut them, that I usually just end up eating it as a whole fruit and spending an hour eating the inside of the skin– I’m about 40 minutes in. Yum.

I also gave a Census training to 200 people this morning in a very big church with no microphone. That was quite an adventure (a definite contributor to my exhaustion)… and then taught my second to last SAT class of the semester before the play reading group– every single one of my students went up at least 150 points. One went up 550 points! I’m so proud of them!

Okay, time to go to bed (Two hours ago…) I could get 7 hours. A miracle! Good night before it becomes 6 hours…

JJ Bean


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