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Lots of things to say… no energy to say them… April 27, 2010

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So exhausted. If I go home right after my class tomorrow night, I might be able to get a full night tomorrow. But 5 hours the last two nights and about 6 tonight if I fall asleep right now. It may actually happen…
Still exhausted. Yet a whole day has passed. It’s funny how that happens. It’s like a I never left my bed. Well, between the first couple of sentences and now, we pitched two schools on our after school program, and one is definitely a ‘go’. The other school is not certain yet, but is looking like they’ll run 3 classes. Our class is officially underway! I taught my LaGuardia HS class, and got called last minute to be a sub for my team captain’s other team. Conveniently and amazingly, the game was at LaGuardia HS. Of all the good luck… I was a really nice brain break. Now I have three days of enumerator training to look forward to with the census. I think I get to sleep a full night on Friday. I’m very excited about this. Very. Tonight, I’ll get 7 hours– which is better than the 6 I got last night and the 5 I got the night before. In the interest of getting said 7 hours, I’ll finish up… Good night! Lots of things to say… no energy to say them… I’m pretty ‘zen’ right now which is a hugely incredible considering the alternative that normally comes along with major overcommitment, consistent stress, and not enough sleep–

Jenny J Bean


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