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Three Days Worth… April 21, 2010

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First Volleyball game! We won!!! YAY!!! So much fun. I’m addicted. I officially want to play every day now. 🙂

Getting trained in fingerprinting tomorrow. Missing my fellow Census workers that have been districted all over the city away from me… :-/

Trying to make croissants again… taking more time in between steps and using real butter instead of smart balance. Will see if it helps this time… anything is better than Smart Balance in a Croissant. Yuck. I’m doing a few at a time to see if I can make them turn out decently.

Gotta come up with something to cook for Saturday night potluck. I do appetizers well, but most are best hot– so I don’t know if they’ll carry well– hmmm… I was thinking mini crab cakes… and crudites (the easy part). It’ll be fun playing around…

Internet isn’t working, so once you get this, that means it’s working again. Yay! PS. This blog is now covering 3 days of internet outage.

I’m in a staged reading tonight (Kevin’s Bed), tomorrow, and Friday. I’m really excited. It’s a really good play, and if it goes well, they are going to mount a full production in the fall.
A couple of things to talk about– my high school theater program was on ABC Nightline– a program where they take head cheerleaders and athletes and ‘give them a voice’ make them stars of the shows. It’s odd that they did a piece on this because, generally speaking, the head cheerleaders and athletes aren’t the students that need a voice. Don’t get me wrong–they deserve one, but as a general populace, they tend have one already. Despite that policy (which, as covered by ABC, was very true), I got to perform a couple of amazing roles in high school– but ABC showcasing a system that is biased against the drama ‘geeks’ of world is a little off-putting to me.

Either way, I learned a few major lessons from my theater director– 1: If you want something bad enough, you have to work your *** off for it. 2: You can’t get what you want from someone until you understand (at least partially) what he/she wants and what your role is in helping him/her get it. 3: People are essentially good. Also, Bonus #4: When you’ve worked ridiculously hard for something, and you finally get it, the payoff is ridiculously incredible.

Until next time (with a now working internet)…

Jenny J Bean


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