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Will Work For Sets… April 13, 2010

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Crew Leader Training, taught SAT class, and because everything that I had planned this evening was canceled, I randomly went Volleyball ‘tryouts’ for NY Urban League. Basically, you show up an play volleyball until a team does or doesn’t pick you up to join them. I got asked to join the “Will Work for Sets” team, and we play our first season game at LaGuardia HS (which is highly ironic because I had just left teaching there 10 minutes before the tryouts). I’m so excited. I’ve been wanting to join a Volleyball team since I moved here, but I never got around to making the time.

Oh, and the other thing… because I wasn’t planning on going to the try-outs, I didn’t have sneakers, workout pants, or knee pads. This basically translated to: chipped latex paint off the cheap dress shoes I was wearing, a hole in my black slacks, and intensly bruised knees. Luckily, both of the clothing pieces were under $20 replaceable Kmart purchases, and my knees, well, my knees’ll heal. So totally worth it.

For those who didn’t know me in my pre-NY years, my sports were/are volleyball and water polo. I played varsity water polo, but volleyball was my real sport… I’m really excited. Woo hoo!

Jenny J Bean


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