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Getting Spun… April 11, 2010

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Great day! Tutored a great student, had a great audition (crossing my fingers), and performed in a great staged reading of the play Always a Bridesmaid by Stephanie Bok. It’s an adorable short play about a girl that is a bridesmaid for the thirteenth time who hits it off with her best friend’s ex (but doesn’t know it) at her best friend’s wedding. Really fun role! We got to dance (complete with twirl), laugh a lot, and kiss– well, not really… we ‘kissed’ behind our scripts. Twice. But still. A lot of fun. 🙂

It’s projects like these that remind me why I like acting so much. Not matter how my day is personally, I get on stage and I have to experience the character’s situation honestly. It inevitably changes my perspective about my own life. And, if I can’t snap out of a funk or find energy on my own– it forces me to, even if not for myself, for the sake of something more important– giving an honest, human voice to a character.

I just finished watching my cousins get life coaching and a house renovation on “Home Rules”. They’re Episode 5. This is about the most interesting reality show that I’ve ever watched (because I actually know what’s really going on). The ‘spin’ is relatively honest, but incredibly edited. The show is leaving out so many important details in their situation and overemphasizing minor things– I guess it’s to be expected, but I never realized how much until I watched my own family get ‘spun’. Is that correct English?

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