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A Long Week Ahead, Dahlings… April 9, 2010

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Work, Rehearsal (cast in a role that is totally not right for me but I’m excited, and I’m going to run with it… not a bad problem to have, really), Looped, and dinner with friends. Valerie Harper was really incredible as Tallulah Bankhead. It’s really a shame that it’s closing so soon. Thought of the Day: Tallulah (in the play) says something along the lines of: Pain is inevitable; suffering is optional. Maybe she’s right. I wish I knew how to distinguish– I think I’m going to make a goal of trying to… hmmm… I’ll let you know how that goes…

Tomorrow’s my last day as a Recruiting Assistant for the Census. Monday, I start as a Crew Leader again. I already know that it’s a stressful job (I’ve done it twice already), but I’m determined to set my boundaries from the beginning so that it is as low key as humanly possible. (Wishful thinking, I know, but I’m hopeful…)

Relaxing on our new (amazing) couch, eating Peking Duck (my favorite Chinese food) and watching “Crazy Heart”. Jeff Bridges is really an outstanding actor. I have a lot of respect for him– his work is always very honest and grounded.

Census work, a show and SAT work bright and early tomorrow… talk to you again when I come up for air!



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