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It’s gotta be the pearls… April 7, 2010

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Okay, so the audition was okay, but I don’t think the casting director was really feeling it. I’m still really glad I did it though. I am not really a risk taker, so the more I can put myself out there and still live with myself, the better. Plus, I looked really amazing all day in my makeup and pearls. If nothing else, that in and of itself was worth it. 🙂

I’m starting a new census operation next week, and I desperately need to catch up on my life before then… I did two loads of laundry yesterday. Only 4 to go… and I have to put away the second clean one from yesterday…

Okay… so I just went on a major cooking fest after I did all the dishes in the house. I’m making whole-wheat chocolate croissants, strawberry/mango sorbet, chicken, and beef (that I had to cook tonight or it would have gone bad…) and drinking a glass of white wine with strawberries in it. My roommate walks in and starts laughing. I, confused, asked her why? She said… it’s gotta be the pearls…. I forgot I was wearing pearls. Maybe their subconsciously telling me to cook, drink wine, do dishes, and laundry. Creepy. Insert Twilight Zone music…

JJ Bean
PS. This random friend of my roommate shows up at my apartment, and he swears he knows me… it turns out that I tested him for the census…


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