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Grease is the Word… April 5, 2010

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Kinda freaking out a little. I have an audition tomorrow. I’m not freaking because of the audition (I audition all the time). I’m freaking because what I’ve decided to audition with, and I’m taking a huge risk…

I’m auditioning for ‘Miss Lynch’ in the National Tour of Grease. It’s already a bit of a long shot because of my age, but they did say 18+. I’m singing “Kids” from Bye Bye Birdie. AND, better yet, because it’s written in a key for a man, I’m going to be singing it in a really awkwardly high key… I rehearsed it for my roommates and they couldn’t stop laughing. Imagine Kathy Najimy in Sister Act meets the nun that always drives the bus…

I’m just hoping I can keep it together long enough to own it at the audition. I’m not good at taking risks… never have been… working on that. The ironic thing is, the last time I did an “off the walls” audition, it was for the Producers National Tour for the same casting director, and I got a callback. Hopefully they’ll like the crazy this time too…

Till Tomorrow Then…

Jenny J Bean

PS. My roommate just came into my roommate and imitated me doing my audition song for tomorrow… I can’t even keep it together to watch her do it… I’ll be so proud of myself if I make it through without laughing…


One Response to “Grease is the Word…”

  1. qb Says:

    I think you should post a video of this audition, or even better a full apartment rendition of it.

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