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The Thursday Night Post that Never Made It… April 4, 2010

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Tutored this morning and worked for the Census for 12 hours (took the first half of the week off, so I’m trying to put in as many hours as I can this week– luckily, I was motivated to stay out by the gorgeous day). Hopefully got some people in to apply for the jobs… my student finally rocked a practice test. YAY! She got an amazing score on every single part of the test. And the essay, which her mother is extremely worried about. So relieved. I really needed this one to come through because it has been a rough road with this particular student. (See at least 3 other related blogs…)

Almost took myself to the movies, but decided I’d rather fall asleep to a movie at home… and I’m definitely sleeping in– at least until I have to get up for rehearsal in the afternoon. The first cut of the recording that I did yesterday came back today. It sounds great… I can only imagine that the final will be awesome!!!

JJ Bean


One Response to “The Thursday Night Post that Never Made It…”

  1. giacchi Says:

    you’re my hero xox

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