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Doorman Strike= No Money for New York City for 10 Years? April 4, 2010

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So, I just want to discuss the fact that the doormen are probably striking in 3 weeks– just in time for the Census Non-Response Follow-Up (NRFU) Operation. Fun.

So far, only 40% of New York has sent in their Census Form which means that the Census has to knock on the doors of 60% of the city. In NY, particularly Manhattan Borough, the only way to get to many many of the residents is through their respective doormen and superintendents.

If the doormen and supers strike, there is no alternate means of getting to the tenants.
Even if there are ways to get into some buildings during the strike, it is very unlikely that NRFU will see the kind of turnover that they need in forms completed– we would need to get creative or spend more money and time finding ways to track these people down, and my experience with the Census tells me that allowances for creativity or even slight deviations from the protocol are not acceptable.

In my experience, even if the subject is broached, by the time that they get approval for deviations from protocol, the various operations have come and gone. Not to mention, the Census protocol already does not adequately deal with urban communities. It has been particularly ineffective thus far in the 5 Boroughs of New York City– particularly in doorman buildings in Manhattan.

In the Address Canvassing operation, listers were supposed to walk floor by floor ‘listing’ apartments. The management companies of 98% of these multi-unit buildings did not allow for such an operation in the buildings. As the only alternative, the listers relied on the doormen to list all of the apartments in the building so that Census forms would arrive at every apartment. We asked pointed questions to try to make sure that they didn’t forget anything (ie: Are there any basement or penthouse apartments? Are there any combined apartments? Is there a 13th floor? Etc…) to try to get every single apartment (and not to send duplicate forms or forms to non-existent apartments on non-existent floors that would require follow up during the NRFU operation). Still, things were inevitably missed… and if a doorman forgot to tell a lister (canvasser) that there was an apartment in the building, that apartment did not receive a Census form last month.

Long story short (I know, too late…) We will be able to get a hold of very few if any people on the West Side of Roosevelt Island to fill out a Census form (all doorman buildings). Seeing as I am going to be a supervisor for at least 1/2 of the Island, this is going to be good, old fashioned fun…

Our building issued a letter saying that, if the doormen strike, they are going to issue ID Cards to every single tenant in order to gain access to the building (not to mention, I will not be able to receive a package to my house or put trash in the chute for the duration of the strike, and “The New York City Department of Sanitation may refuse to pick up garbage until a state of health emergency is declared”). If New York is lucky, the strike will end quickly, or else doorman union strike= really smelly hallways and streets and no money for New York for 10 years. Funny how something that small can potentially cause a lot of damage to a community…


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