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Happy Matzoh Balls! March 31, 2010

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Riding the bus back to the city…

It turned out to be a great weekend after all! I spent a day a really nice day with my grandparents in Baltimore, and two days with my Uncle, Aunt, and Cousin in Northern Virginia. Last night was the second Passover seder at my Uncle’s– my grandparents and Great Aunt Mildred came in from Baltimore for it. They came two hours early to beat the traffic, so I spent a while talking to Aunt ‘Millie’ before the seder.

Some background on Aunt Millie– she is an absolutely hilarious woman with incredible stories to tell –Think Ethel Merman sort of volume– She was the dance captain for the “Baltimore Follies-Stardust Revue” in the late 1930s. She told us stories about Red Skelton and his wife Edna who wrote all his material that she was close with. Also, a ‘more than’ friend of hers, Jerry Adler (kind of awesome–a virtuoso harmonica player that played for the Mary Poppins Movie) passed away last week at age 91.

We printed her a copy of the NY Times article/obituary that they ran on him. It was a really nice piece. He apparently proposed to her, but she wasn’t ready to get married… instead she decided to marry my Uncle Lester (I never met him) who was apparently he lead in South Pacific at one point… of course, I didn’t know any of this…

We had a really nice night complete with Just a Tad of Charosis Helps the Bitter Herbs go Down of course to the tune of Just a Spoonful of Sugar, There’s No Seder Like Our Seder to There’s No Business Like Show Business, and the ever popular Les Miserables (or more appropriate, Der Mesugahs) with our rendition of Do You Hear the Doorbell Ring? A really great few days…

Back to work. Recording a few songs tomorrow afternoon–

Happy Matzoh Balls! (Courtesy of my Aunt…)

Jenny J Bean


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