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In Laws and Cell Phones (or lack there of…) March 30, 2010

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I’m in Virginia with my Uncle, Aunt, and Cousin for Passover. I spent the day in Baltimore with my grandparents last night and today and yesterday with one of my best friends from college and her future in-laws on the Baltimore Inner Harbor. Other than it being a slightly awkward to be with my friend, her fiancee, and his parents, it was a really nice day. We went to the National Aquarium and out to a really nice restaurant called “Della Notte”. Really great people. She lucked out– of all the in-laws that she could have, she’s joining a really wonderful, easy going family.

The last few days have probably been some of the lousiest travel luck ever (complete with leaving my cell phone on my grandparents’ kitchen table in Baltimore). It could be worse I suppose– they are coming to Virginia tomorrow for the 2nd Seder and bringing it with them. It seems that the entire East Coast is running and hour behind this weekend– but it’s really nice to be with my family either way. I need some perspective, and I hope that it hits me before I go back to the city on Wednesday morning. Right now, I’m still in stress mode– but it’s getting better– slowly but surely.

Jenny J Bean


One Response to “In Laws and Cell Phones (or lack there of…)”

  1. giacchi Says:

    zissen pesach, kindeleh! could we have more rain? (No-AH!) xoxox

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