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The Angels’ Last Day… March 28, 2010

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I am sitting proctoring an ACT test at my company’s office for one of my tutor students. She has had so much bad luck with test sites, that finally, I asked my supervisor if I could just proctor her test myself. She agreed. I really hope that she does well. She needs an extra shot of confidence that she can do well. I totally know where she’s coming from. I could use one of those too… I could also use a coffee, which will have to wait until after her test…

I wish I had thought to bring headphones. I brought a book, but if I try to read, I’m pretty sure that I’ll fall asleep. It’s going to be a long morning. A very long morning…

Ok. I snuck out for 2 minutes to grab a coffee downstairs. Thank goodness that there’s coffee every three feet in NYC… Feeling much better. And my student seems to be doing really well… which is a good sign.

I’ve been playing computer Jeopardy all morning. Not ideal, but at least it’s passing the time… 1 1/2 hours left…

Still playing games…

The computer just beat me at Chess majorly…

5 more minutes…

Done! Finally!!! And she rocked the test. Thank goodness. Huge relief. I don’t know what would have happened if she didn’t… okay… off to my last day of Censusing with Sabrina and Jill (The other two of Charlie’s Angels got assigned to a different project 😦 ) and final preview of my friend’s show… and then to Baltimore and DC tomorrow for holidays and family…

JJ Bean


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