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Dissertations, Couches, and Management March 23, 2010

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I’m supposed to do this every day… oops. Oh well. I kind of got wrapped up in a scary situation this weekend relating to my Beaned story. I ended up having to write an 8 page dissertation last night on the situation (after 4 lengthy phone calls) to get all of the involved parties on the same page about what was going on.

AND my roommates and I spent the last couple of days couch shopping after work. We finally found an amazingly comfortable and gorgeous chocolate-colored couch that we are all absolutely in love wit! We had our doubts that we would find one that everyone loved, as we all have very different taste, but we actually found the perfect one in the third store we went to: Macy’s Furniture Gallery in Queens (which we visited after IKEA and JCPenneys). We are soooo happy, because we haven’t had a couch since the flood…

The other good news is, I have a talent manager! We had a meeting today, hit it off, and now I am being represented and submitted for work by an awesome talent manager/management company for Film, TV, and Theater. YAY!!!

Taught class at LaGuardia HS (really good class!) and then went to rehearsal for Kevin’s Bed (the Irish play). Exciting day, but it is time for crashing…

Good night!!!

Jenny J Bean


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