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Turn of the (quarter) Century… March 20, 2010

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Sitting proctoring an SAT. Simultaneously the most boring and most relaxing thing. I’m basically forced to either twiddle my thumbs or find work to do on the computer. This is the time when I end up deleting all my old emails, and tying up all the loose ends of things that aren’t at the top of the priority list. Cleaning up the desktop, putting things in files, catching up on paperwork, submitting to a lot of acting projects… it feels oddly constructive doing things that I would never think to do during the day because there are so many other things that are so much higher on my priority list. Like laundry. That needs to happen ASAP. But in order for that to happen, I need to be at home and awake. A combination that doesn’t happen all that often. Strike that. Ever. It doesn’t happen ever. I come home, check my mail, change into PJs (most of the time), check my email, set my alarm, and fall asleep.

Went to a close friend’s 30th Birthday last night. I hope that she was having as much fun as she looked like she was! We went to dinner at Uncle Nick’s, an improv show at the Magnet, and karaoke at
‘Chorus’ in Koreatown. So much fun!!! I spent most of the karaoke dancing on the tables and the benches… I can’t wait to see the pictures. I’m sure they will be blackmail worthy šŸ˜‰ AND the same friend is keeping the fun going…she’s going to Vegas this afternoon. I hope she has a blast!!! My 25th is coming up soon… haven’t decided what I’m going to do yet… I’m going back and forth between huge party at Sweet Caroline’s, intimate dinner and something fun out (maybe karaoke or bowling), or a volleyball or pool party at my place. So many choices. Ack. Decisions… whatever it ends up being, it’ll be great. Plus, I already went to Disneyworld in honor of the roommates’ “turn of the quarter-century”, so the rest is just gravy anyway… I’m sure the perfect idea will come to me one day just in time to distract me from what I’m supposed to be doing…

To be continued… some day soon I hope…

Jenny J Bean


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