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A Midnight Stroll on the FDR March 19, 2010

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Went on the film audition today. Don’t think I’m quite right for it (they wanted a tough Queens cop type), but it went really well either way and I have a meeting on Tuesday with the manager that submitted me. I hope we’re a good match (crossing my fingers!!!)!!! I also ran into a Census friend at the audition! Go figure…

Walked the FDR from Delancey to 23rd Street looking for homeless people at 10pm. We found 6. Kind of expected to find more, but the cops were circling the area so I suppose that wasn’t helping. I sort of expected it to be more sketchy than it was. It was actually a really nice walk. One of the most stunning views I have ever seen, and the weather was absolutely GORGEOUS! (I couldn’t find a picture that could do it any kind of justice…)

Getting up tomorrow to work, tutor, and go to an open call for a movie “Mildred Pierce”. Oh, and going to a close friend’s big 3-0 celebration tomorrow night. We’re going to have a blast!!! Improv and Karaoke in Korea Town. Can’t really beat that.

Off to bed… Forecast for tomorrow: Clear skies, beautiful weather: a long (and amazing) day ahead!!!

Jenny J Bean


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