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Kickin’ It Up A Notch March 17, 2010

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So, I think I’m being freelanced by a talent manager. I’m not sure though. She’s sending me on an audition tomorrow, and I’m going in soon to meet her to see if we’re a good match. This could be really awesome! I’m not sure yet… I’ll keep you posted!

Good day all around. Audition for a movie tomorrow– a one liner for a female cop. Have to get up at 6am for work to hit the rush hour crowd for Census. Gag me. But, at least I’ll be good and awake for the audition at 12:20pm– I may crash afterward, but oh well… just re-designed my tv/film resume to include the MTV pilot. Very psyched!

Spent all day today at the St. Patrick’s Day parade handing out ‘Jobs Available’ cards. What I learned: There is an extremely racist guy that lives in Stuy Town that believes wholeheartedly in Big Brother and goes to the parade every year explicitly to be in the company of mostly white people; in Australia, if you don’t respond to the Census, you are fined; there is a lady in Manhattan that believes she hasn’t gotten hired for the Census because she’s ugly 😦 ; one of my SAT students from last year got into every single college that she applied to (YAY!); and I realized that I rarely talk about acting in these blogs– I’m going to make it a goal to have more to say about acting– going to start hitting the pavement hard again. I’ve been messing around for too long… That’s why I’m here. In New York. To Act…

JJ Bean


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