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Breakfast and A Movie: Part 2 March 16, 2010

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I’m back. After an 6 hour nap that I didn’t know that I needed. How did I miss that? I fell asleep on the TV and woke up 6 hours later. Filled out the Census form with my roommates! We’re officially counted. Really easy form, but definitely awkward– there are two race questions- one Hispanic or not and the second one, race. I wonder what the background for that is. I know that Hispanic is not a race, but why two separate questions?

Anyway, going to work tomorrow and starting a new SAT class and I DESPERATELY need to do laundry which I will attempt to start tomorrow after my class… but who knows how much of a dent I can/will even put in it… it’s pretty intense. Oh well, just another project to add to the pile…

Gotta go to bed so that I can wake up for my breakfast and a movie date with my roommate– we’re watching the second half of the movie that we started a week ago. Such is the life of a workaholic and a girl on tour…

Jenny J Bean


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