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Peace. For now. March 13, 2010

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I love my new SAT class. They are awesome. All of them are students at Frank Sinatra HS for the Arts in Astoria, Queens. Amazing kids. I’m so excited. And their school is so supportive that they give the kids Metrocards to pay for their trip to come in on a Saturday to take a practice SAT! I love teaching there. The kids at the school have such amazing work ethic (in the arts) and camaraderie. They are all friends, and they are all really good to each other. I don’t know too many high schools like that.

Spent the afternoon attempting to work outside in the nasty weather (under an overhang), but we gave up pretty quickly and went for coffee in a book store. Oh well. It was so wet and windy outside that my light blue socks managed to dye my feet blue under the rain boots, and every where we turned there was another tattered umbrella lying on the sidewalk that had been sacrificed to the wind.

I’m back at home now, by myself for the first time in a long time relaxing in my room. Two of my roommates are out of town… one in Denver and one in Istanbul, and my third roommate is staffing an intern fair. Tomorrow, I go to tutor a student on the Upper West Side and then I go to a Bat Mitzvah later. I’m rather enjoying the sounds of the wind and the rain whipping against my window… something like peace and quiet for right now. I think I’ll play the piano…

A hermit for the night, and loving It,

Jenny J Bean


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