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Think it over. March 11, 2010

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Just as I was getting a little overwhelmed, a couple of amazing things came my way. First, I was about to make a phone call that I didn’t want to make to reschedule an appointment, and as a I picked up the phone, there was a message from the person I needed to reschedule with saying that she needed to reschedule. Life threw me a ‘bone’ as my friend would call it. It was one of those moments that you look up and say thanks for that. Later on, I got a really nice note from the mother of one of my students which she copied my company on. The stress of SAT season has been really getting to me lately, so it was really nice to smile for a minute in the middle of the workday. Two of the Census gals decided that we were going to be Charlie’s Angels and that I am Kelly (Jaclyn Smith). That’s good right? I’ve never seen the show…

Best SAT essay ever. EVER!

I would love to write you a nice, well thought out essay. I really would. Unfortunately, I have neither the motivation nor the attention span required. Sorry. Feel free to give me the maximum amount of points anyway. Because one day, when I am the richest, most successful man in the world, I will remember this. I will then reach into my overstuffed checkbook and donate one million dollars to your company. Think it over.


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