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A Lie of the Mind with my Cousin-in-Law March 10, 2010

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Went to amazing French dinner with my Cousin-in-Law and went to see “Lie of the Mind” that was directed by Ethan Hawke. We were 10 minutes late. Ugh. We thought we were going to be an hour early before it occurred to me that there was a really good chance that it was a 7pm show because it’s a Tuesday– blarg. Oh well. We saw the show with Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Natasha Lyonne in the audience with us. I’ve actually seen both of them before– P.S.H. on the set for “Doubt” and Natasha Lyonne at the “Thompson and Mann” Lincoln Center concert. P.S.H. actually tripped over me at intermission. I guess I can add that to my growing collection of celebrity mishaps- the first and most impressive: getting coffee spilled on me by Sarah Michelle Gellar at a Starbucks in Chelsea.

The acting was really impressive, although the vision seemed a little inconsistent. They kept dropping symbolism and metaphors in odd places that didn’t seem to fit with the play… I’m not a huge fan of intellectual theater for the sake of being intellectual. Either way, there were definitely some amazing elements in it. I got subscriber tickets a few months back as a prize for a raffle… and apparently I got really lucky with this one. They are sold out for the entire run. I was glad that I saw it with a Columbia University Literature Professor (my Cousin-in-Law) — she was able to explain to me what she thought the random symbolism was intended to mean. I was especially happy to hear that I wasn’t the only one that was a little lost in the metaphors.

Oh, just to clarify, cousin-in-law = my Mom’s sister’s husband’s daughter. (Who I need to hang out with more often) If that clarifies anything at all…

Jenny J Bean


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