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Almost Olive Juice… March 8, 2010

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One of the most amazing moments of the day: one of my friends quit her job.

Normally, this wouldn’t make the ‘amazing’ list, but in this particular case, it certainly does. My amazing friend went straight to the top of her chosen career path in under 3 years. She kept getting promoted to the point that she is essentially 2nd in command at a department of a major well-known company at the top of her field. She has been going back and forth for a long time about whether or not leaving is right for her because she has been very unhappy in her job for various reasons- most of which are not the job itself. I have so much respect for her, and I know that she made the right decision, and I hope that she is eventually able to find something that truly makes her happy. I hope that more people have the courage to follow their hearts instead of settling for what ‘should be’ or for what seems easy at the expense of their own happiness.

Everything’s going great right now, except I seem to be having a lot of trouble scheduling these days… things seem to be running a few minutes too close together in most cases, and it’s really making me nervous. I am sort of addicted to my calendar– is that scary? I don’t know what would happen if my computer crashed… knock on wood (or not– I don’t know) I’m getting nervous just thinking about the concept of potentially losing my calendar. Oh dear–

Already this week: Two tutor students, proctoring a last minute Census test, applying for a transfer to be a Census Crew Leader again, got a new supervisor at the Census, saw a short play series with more than 10 friends involved called “Almost Olive Juice”. All of the plays were written by Nora Vetter, another friend- all dealing with themes involving love. The plays were really good!!! The company was selling really cute booze soaked martini cupcakes too… but I had to pass. I need to be alive to get through the rest of this week unscathed.

Coming this week: Proctoring more Census tests, a birthday party, going to dinner and a Sam Shepard play with my cousin-in-law, a new SAT class, the last class of my old SAT class, two more tutoring sessions, being a reader for play writing workshop, proctoring an SAT test, going to the first session of my new personal trainer (I won a training package at a gala and I’m really excited to get started), and going to take pictures as another cousin-in-law wins 1st prize for her watercolor in an juried art show. Oh, and a Bat Mitzvah. Good grief.

See you when I come up for air!

Jenny J Bean


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