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Hugs Wanted! March 5, 2010

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Going to the office, getting a mile high stack of paperwork, delegating half a stack of mile high paperwork, more canvassing in the East Village, lunch with roommate, SAT class, SAT tutor student, and home. Going to watch the second half of Bedknobs and Broomsticks tonight!!! (Feel asleep 1/2 way in yesterday- but even 1/2 made me really happy!) I had a full day of debating an issue with myself that I already knew the right decision to… I just needed to grow a spine and say no. I did. That’s really hard for me you know. It took me the whole day.

Just talked to my sister for the first time in a month. I miss her. And the rest of my family. They are all going to be in Dallas next week, and I can’t go because I have too many commitments. Let me rephrase… I could go, but from late Sunday night to early Tuesday morning or I would have to cancel or reschedule so many commitments that the stress level it would take to make it happen would be off the charts– I’m definitely going to see my family in April in Syracuse though (at my brother’s first college musical). I wish I could see them sooner. I could definitely use a little family TLC, and it makes me a little sad that they will all be together for a week and I can’t play too… I’ll definitely be soliciting hugs this week to compensate.

Falling asleep so I better wrap it up… darn… I guess the other half of Bedknobs will have to wait until I am conscious again.

Jenny J Beanzzzzzzzzzzzz


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