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Is it Tuesday? March 3, 2010

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Kind of a lousy day. Though, admittedly, my attitude was sort of keeping it that way– I couldn’t shake the negative for some reason. Went to a senior center to talk about Census jobs, and had a bunch of wonderful conversations about the Census and other things with the seniors. They were all headed up to a show after our presentation, and I asked one of the men what the show was that we were missing out on. He said “Is it Tuesday?” I said yes. He said “Then it’s not a sex flick.” So funny. I also had a woman come up and tell me that she had been eying me for the last 10 minutes trying to decide whether my hair color “actually grows out of my head.” I was happy to report, for now, it does. I was dying it a darker red for a while, but I gave it up… too much to deal with for now. I found out later that an old friend is going through some rough times, and is pretty bummed. I was really sad to hear that as I had emailed her for the first time in a couple of years yesterday to say hi hoping to hear some good news–

My roommate is back from tour for a few days, and I am really happy to see her. We caught up for a while and did not stop laughing for almost a solid hour. I love when that happens.

It think it’s officially time to end today and see if I can make tomorrow a little better–

Jenny J Bean


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