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I’d like to thank the Academy… and my bed… March 1, 2010

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It’s been a bit since I wrote– that bug, or whatever, finally caught up with me yesterday, but I seem to be getting better instead of worse– it was only one bad night. I’d like to thank the Academy, my parents, Levaquin, the fine people at Advil, and my spectacular bed for making it so short and relatively painless… it could have been much worse- especially by the crazy way I’ve been running around lately. Either way, I am taking the day to recover (and possibly part of tomorrow if I’m not back to normal) so I don’t get sicker, and so I don’t spread the joy.

I bought myself chicken soup and OJ on the way home yesterday knowing that I would put it to good use today. And I have. At least so far. Finishing up some unfinished business right now– sorting through my room (I don’t really have the energy to clean it as yet)… mostly sorting through papers and pitching things that I don’t need to keep. Grading the end of the essays for the week. Deleting emails and going back through old ones. Submitting for acting projects (I’m always behind on that)… and resting. I’m not really able to relax, because I’m not feeling so good still, but resting will have to be okay for now… I’ll probably take a nap soon…

JJ Bean (No relation to LL Bean… although I would take the free backpacks…)


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