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The Child. February 26, 2010

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I finally kicked the blech! A little coffee and 7 students that needed to learn some SAT material for 3 hours today… I’m back. Although the weather is definitely not. It rain/snowed all day today and now the slosh is freezing into ice. I can’t imagine much will be happening tomorrow. At least in the morning. Watching the replay of the women’s figure skating. They are all incredible. Especially Scott Hamilton. I love how into it he gets with his commentary. He is so incredibly passionate about the sport. I have so much respect and admiration for that kind of passion.

Saw “Time Stands Still” tonight. Laura Linney was amazing. As usual. Although I’m not sure how I feel about her character. Her character, a career photo journalist assigned in the Middle East, chooses to be an messenger of life instead of a participant; she delivers images to the public in hopes that they will make a difference. Her long time boyfriend is a writer that travels with her to, in a similar manner, write about the horrors that they encounter. The play takes place just after she returns home from a German hospital after almost dying in a roadside bomb explosion in the Middle East.

When a family friend openly accuses her of apathy for choosing to take a picture of a boy on the verge of death instead of putting down the camera to try to save him, the boyfriend decides that he’s done observing; he wants to live his own life. He asks Laura Linney’s character to change with him, and the play is about their struggles as a result of his desire to change the terms of the relationship.

It was a very interesting dynamic to watch, but I’m still caught on this question:
Which choice would you take in the moment where “Time Stands Still”? The chance to save the child’s life or the chance to show the whole world a compelling portrait of the child in the hopes that the photo will move others to take action on a larger scale to prevent more tragedy? I don’t know what the right answer is, but I do know what I would choose…

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but the world can wait for a different picture.



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