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Blech. (and Chicken…) February 25, 2010

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Feeling blech.
bl (as in blue)-eh (as in apathetic) and –ch (as in the beginning of the word challah and Chanuka that 95% of the world can’t seem to make happen…)

Hopefully that means I didn’t come down hard with anything, but I’m still wiped out. Tried to sleep it off last night, but I couldn’t knock it. Around 5pm or so yesterday, I started dragging, but I had promised a friend that I would go with her to Mimi’s Piano Bar after work to meet some other of her friends. I dragged all night, but had a good time either way. I had a Midori Sour. She kept trying to buy me another round, and I knew that the second I took another sip of alcohol or sugar, I was going to fade completely. Possibly right on the bar. She wanted me to sing with the piano man “Chicken Delicious” (This guy is a total riot!) Getting myself up to sing takes a lot when I think that I’m came to be the audience…

We did “Dream a Little Dream of Me”- one that I know the words to even when I’m half asleep. Then “Chicken” wanted to do another, and I couldn’t think of one, so he picked… “Can’t Help Lovin’ That Man”. It was a really nice night, and every single person that got up and sang with “Chicken” was really talented–

Long day yesterday giving out recruiting cards and working a job fair. Hopefully we got some people some work! Gotta go to the office now and then teach my SAT class… and hopefully snap out of this blech sometime soon. I’ll go the coffee route on my way to work, and see if that doesn’t help…

To un-blech-ing this day…

JJ Bean


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