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Post-Deluvian Saga Episode 203: The Cable Guy February 24, 2010

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Woke up at 6am to go hand out recruiting cards at the entrance to the tram on Roosevelt Island during rush hour. Really windy and cold, but somewhat fun because we were both a bit delirious. Got back home at 915am just in time to say goodbye as my roommates were getting dressed and leaving for work. Waited for the cable guy for 2 1/2 hours and then hung out with him for another hour as I moved furniture so that he could reset the cable box and re-staple all of the wire that has been hanging around the house back onto the new base boards. It took a lot of maneuvering, but we were able to get the vast majority of the loose cable wire throughout the apartment stapled to the wall and out of the way. A friend asked me if he was cute at least. And yes. He was. 😉 This officially marks the end of the “workmen coming in and out of our house” portion of the Post-Deluvian Saga. Woo hoo!!! (Now all that’s left to do is to work on the management to pay for the couch and a few misc. items that the flood destroyed…)

Tried to take a nap because I was feeling a little under par after the cable guy left. Got to sleep for an hour before the office called me to give me new assignment work for my crew. I forgot to put the phone on silent. Oops. The hour was hugely helpful either way, and I felt so much better afterward.

Later, I went to dinner with one of my roommates and to the show “Next Fall” at the Helen Hayes about a man dealing with a significant other that is devoutly Christian and their clash of beliefs and comfort zones in discussing faith issues: particularly the afterlife. Not a subject I think or talk about too often, but it was a really amazing play nevertheless. It is very well written, directed, and acted. It deserves a good run, and I hope it gets one.

Going to bed so that I can get up at 6 again to go hand out fliers at the subway and then go to a job fair to recruit more people– set day postponed again until Monday– it’s supposed to rain all week… at least a get to spend part of it inside. Looking forward to two acting gigs this weekend…

Goodnight Cute Cable Guy.

Jenny J Bean


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