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A Weird Day. February 23, 2010

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Weird day. No other way to explain it. First, we got a ‘missive’ from Census to show up at 8:45am with no indication of what exactly was happening or how long we were expected to work for. We showed up to find out that they were sending us out (without appointments) to all of the organizations that we have partnered with over the last few months to get them to sign a form saying that we can use their space to set up Questionnaire Assistance Center and commit to letting us use their space to train Census employees. My team ended up doing pretty well in the end, but three of the places we were sent to weren’t even open, and one site was offended by one of the questions that they had to fill in on the form. (I might have been too…) The question asks the respondent how much the space is usually rented for. The problem with that question is, the Census makes it very clear that they do not pay for space. So after we go through the whole process of getting them to donate space, ending with “How much money do you usually get for your space?” is rather counterproductive– and apparently occasionally offensive.

The other thing that happened is, I worked at the “Broadway Scares”/Red Hook CD release party event. It was a great event. Even the guy that wrote the theme song to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre was there… which I thought was really cool. They had a reasonable turnout, but not nearly as many as they’d hoped. I feel a little bad about their turnout because when the team asked me if I could do marketing for them, I said no because I didn’t have the time to commit. I ended up helping them on the day of instead. Either way, it was great production, and I loved it! AND, I got to know the staff of Sweet Caroline’s in my down time.

My set day on Boardwalk Empire got postponed because the rain is coming, and I’m supposed to be outside first thing in the morning handing out recruiting cards at the Subway station. I hope it’s not too lousy out…

Till tomorrow–

Jenny J Bean


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