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High-C and 3 Hour Trips to Chinatown, PA February 21, 2010

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And went once again to Riverdale for SAT tutoring and then to record the last part of Les Miz! Amazing day, although 20 takes of 20 high Cs in a row for “One Day More”… no words… and I thought the A flats were rough last round… whoa.. I am seriously looking forward to the day that I get to be a Mezzo again– it’ll be such a walk in the park! What an amazing time– I’m a little sad that the project’s over, but I’ll get to see the gang again at the CD release party in a few months…

Anyway, my roomy is sick, and I’m trying so hard not to get sick– Dear Virus (or whatever), If you are going to come and get me, please wait until Wednesday. Better yet–next week might be a little safer… I can’t really afford to be sick right now– too many important things happening this week– A new Census project starts, working the “Broadway Scares” cabaret, on set for Boardwalk Empire, seeing a new Broadway show “Next Fall”, and going to work at a career fair all before Wednesday… and later in the week, I’m teaching a class, hosting a mock SAT exam, tutoring, seeing another Broadway show “Time Stands Still” and am in a play reading. So please, pass me over for now. (I’ll even eat Matza, if you’re sadistic like that).

Thanks a million!! JJB

So, the amazing thing the other day that I thought might work out actually did! I was able to get away on Saturday evening and go to Philadelphia for one of my best friend and college roommate’s 25th Birthday party! I didn’t want to say anything, because I wasn’t sure that I was actually going to be able to make it— I hopped a bus at 4:30pm, got there at 6:30pm, dinner at 7-930, hopped on a 10pm bus back and was home by 12:15am because I had to be in Riverdale in the morning. And I crashed. Hard. I think I had one of the deepest sleeps I’ve ever had… which made waking up at 7:30am that much harder…

It was an amazing party! About 18 or so of her friends came to Philly Chinatown, and there were so many people with the party that it took the restaurant almost 2 hours to get all the food out… I gave her a grab bag full of fun stuff that I knew she would like– including my favorite Mel Brooks movie *which I’m hoping she’ll LOVE, because she loves Mel Brooks*. It’s called “To Be or Not to Be”, and is one of the lesser known of his movies, but I think is one of the absolute best! It’s one of the very few that Anne Bancroft is in too…

Anyway, I had a blast, and I hope that she did too! I’m so glad I could go… and it was so good to see her, because I don’t see her enough and miss her terribly.

Time for bed. I’m hoping that the sleeping will help scare the virus away 😉

And to my favorite elephant loving, Shakespeare quoting, piano playing, punning Ravenclaw from Philly: HAPPY 25th!!! XOXOXO

Jenny J Bean


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