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3 Week Canvassing Project: Check! February 19, 2010

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Rewriting the resume. Facing the ultimate question- to two page or not to two page? I definitely don’t have enough worthwhile experience for two pages, but a bit too much for one with an objective section. What to cut? Or add? If anything…

My least favorite part of resumes is the formatting. No matter how nice it looks on the computer, it never looks quite the same when it prints; so then it ends up being a print/reformat, print/reformat, print again/reformat again forever until I decide to settle for something that’s just ‘okay’ or I just get too tired to care and put it off for another day.

Back to Riverdale in the morning for more tutoring. Going to be having a long talk congratulating one student for going up over 300 points in 3 weeks and congratulating and talking to the other about taking his practice tests with more focus.

Finally finished the 3 week long Census project where we had to go to every single door for recruiting covering the entirety of the Upper East Side. Thank goodness. I celebrated with half a piece of Mississippi Mud Cake from Hot and Crusty on the Upper East Side while my co-worker had a slice. So worth it.

Highlights from the last 3 weeks:
– Posting recruiting posters at Tiffany and Co. (See amazing picture above!!!).
– Getting asked not to return to Staples on Park and 56th.
– Recruiting in FAO Schwartz and getting invited to play on the big piano!
– Watching my co-worker try to get the Apple Store manager to take cards (so amusing!).
– Watching my co-worker ask a Madison Avenue shop if they would be willing to put a poster in
their window (he was so scared before she said ‘Just Kidding’).
– Coloring in a huge map of the Upper East side block by block in orange.
– Getting yelled at by a resident of Manhattan with an anarchy patch on his backpack that deciding
to work for our country is essentially the worst thing that I could ever do as he was going into
one of the most expensive grocery stores in the city.
– Getting yelled at by the same man on the way out of the grocery store as he was carrying a wheel
of cheese.
– Tal’s Whole Wheat Bagel and Lox

And 3 weeks… OVER. And I’m still alive. YAY!!!

By the way, I’m so excited for tomorrow… can’t tell why just yet, but I will tomorrow after the fact… let’s just say I’m doing something really ridiculous, but soooo worth it… oh, and I’m booked again on ‘Boardwalk Empire’ next week at Steiner Studios (which means I have to postpone the cable guy again, but oh well… gotta do the TV work…)

Calling it a night early– long (but hopefully amazing) weekend coming…

Jenny J Bean


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