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Exit Staples, Enter Israel. February 17, 2010

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I signed up for Birthright** today. I’m so excited! I was supposed to go a year ago, but due to safety concerns, the Trip Organizer, Israel Experts, canceled most of the events on the trip, so I opted not to go because if I’m going to Israel, I want to see it all. All 3 of my roommates and my sister have been and they absolutely loved it.

**For the goyim (non-Jews) among us: Birthright is trip that is paid for by Jewish philanthropies and federations all over the world for people of the Jewish faith, ages 18-26, who have never been to Israel before. The goal of the trip is to diminish division between Israel and Diaspora Jews in other communities around the world. Essentially, they are going to pay for me to learn about my heritage and explore another country for 10 days. No arguments here!

So the ‘bad’ news of today: I got asked to leave a Staples for soliciting on behalf of the Census. I’m still a little peeved at how curt the manager of the Park Ave/55th Street Staples was to my politely offering up the information that we have many jobs available. The conversation went something like this: “Hi, my name is Jenny, and I’m with the Census. We are going around to all the neighborhood businesses letting business owners and managers that we are hiring. I’d love to give you a few cards in case you hear about someone that is looking for work.” “That is soliciting.” “Okay, well thank you for your time.- If you hear of anyone looking, please pass along the information.” (I turn to leave) “No. I will not. Please leave and don’t return.” (As if I wasn’t already half way out the door). That’s it. So, basically, I got kicked out of a Staples. Woot.

Long day working outside. Very sleepy. Ready for some Sealy pillow top action… if you know what I mean ;-).


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