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What time is it on the Prime Meridian exactly? February 16, 2010

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My alarm was set for 12:20am, because I had an appointment 10 minutes from then- on a conference call. Knowing that I was going to be asleep by the time 12:30am rolled around (it was one of those weekends), I set my alarm so that I wouldn’t miss the call.

I assumed that when it was set for 1230am, they were ensuring that they would get all parties on the line. The last one was scheduled in the normal hours of the evening, and moved up to 5:45pm to accommodate another person- I couldn’t take the call because I was at work. The funny thing is, looking back, I would’ve missed the call anyway…

The reason I’m writing this in the first place: at 12:30am, when I called in, no one was on the phone. I waited for 15 minutes before rechecking the invitation and discovering that to the right of the time scheduled, there it was, in faded gray, “GMT”.

After going online and consulting my roommates, I came to the conclusion that I was actually 5 hours late for my meeting (and would have been 5 hours late for the last had I been able to be on the phone call) . Blarg. Oh well. Next time someone schedules a phone meeting, I guess I’ll be sure to triple check that we’re in the right time zone.

Five hours behind…

Jenny J Bean


One Response to “What time is it on the Prime Meridian exactly?”

  1. Melissa Says:

    Well, you were on my time at least… Sorry you missed your call though.

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