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They’re After Me Lucky Charms… February 13, 2010

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First rehearsal today of Kevin’s Bed (the play that I need to do an Irish accent in). I play Betty at ages 19 and 44. In the first act, Betty is engaged to John Gallespie, a school teacher who doesn’t pay her much attention. She is actually, not-so-secretly when she is drunk, in love with John’s younger brother, Kevin, who has passed her up to go to Italy to become a priest. When she finds that Kevin has fallen for another woman, an Italian girl named Maria… chaos ensues…
The second half takes place as the decisions of the characters’ earlier lives come back to haunt them when they’re older.

It was a really great first read through. The actors are very good– the big challenge for a few of us is going to be the Irish accent. I’ve had to do one once before, but I had a lot of coaching. I’ve never really been able to just speak in an Irish accent off the cuff. The tricky part about this one is that at least 1/2 the members of this cast are actually Irish. I started the reading by doing an Irish accent (with questionable success), and quickly realized that I wasn’t doing the character justice by focusing so intently on the accent. About three pages in, I asked if it was okay with her if I drop the accent for today so that I could really focus in on the character’s reality. It made all the difference in the world. All of the sudden, once I was focused on the intention instead of the accent, the finding the rhythm of how Betty talks became so much easier, and I know I’ll have the accent down after a few rehearsals (and a lot of talking to myself out loud in an Irish accent as I get comfortable with the script). I’m considering getting a dialect coach for a few sessions just to be able to feel confident that I’m doing it well… I’m really looking forward to becoming comfortable in the accent so that I can move on to spending the bulk of my efforts and rehearsal time on the more important character and scene work.

By the way, I absolutely love this cast, the director, and the company! I was the first one at rehearsal, and the director gave me a huge hug before I could even walk in the building. Amazing. I love hugs (as if you didn’t already know). I can tell that there is going to be a lot of smiling and fun in this rehearsal process… So excited!!!

Off to learn me Irish…

Jenny J Bean


One Response to “They’re After Me Lucky Charms…”

  1. giacchi Says:

    which part of arrrr-land arrrr yeh frum…? many accents to choose frum……. sounds like yer on the right track, relax it’ll cum to yeh (feckin’ grrrrrrrreat!)

    sorry i have no accent despite me name! jack ‘unsure & begorrah’ donaghy

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