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Dear Chinese restaurant gods… February 13, 2010

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First of all, given yesterdays ramblings about “You can’t have it both ways”, I think it’s highly ironic that I went to a Chinese restaurant today and the gods of Chinese restaurant fortune have laid this whopper on me: “We can admire all we see, but we can only pick one.” WHAT?!?

Dear Chinese restaurant gods,

When did you stop telling fortunes and start giving bad advice? If you’re not going to go the fortune route, at least drop us some ancient wisdom… Confucius must have something to say about this…



But at least my friend and I had a good laugh…

I totally want one of the ‘good’ fortune cookies… maybe “A closed mouth gathers no feet” or “help, I’m trapped in a Chinese cookie factory”.

So, my friend and co-worker Barbara bought me a Mega Millions quick pick ticket today. Since I’ve never played before, I had to go online to see how it works… you pick 5 numbers and then a separate 6th number (this extra number thing increases the odds by a ridiculous amount because you can’t win by just picking the right numbers… you have to get all 6 numbers, but the last number that you pick has to be the last number that they pull (out of its own pool) otherwise you don’t win. There is actually a scenario in which you can pick all of the 6 numbers right, but if you didn’t pick them in the right order, you win $150. Sooooo not worth it. How could you get out of bed in the morning if you picked the right 6 numbers for the lotto and only won $150. The one good thing to say about it is, if you can afford it, it’s fun and most of the money goes to education. No arguments there. An organization who’s goal is to give money to education while making the occasional person rich… not a total tragedy. Just checked the ticket… 2 numbers match. No go. Maybe there’s a kid in inner city Bronx that will get to read a book that he wouldn’t have gotten to before…

News Bulletin: I’m going to take an “Intro to Circus Arts” class on the 23rd where maybe someone will teach me to juggle actual things in addition to my constant life juggling…
AND… I have my first rehearsal for Kevin’s Bed (the Irish play) tomorrow afternoon– nervous because to my rusty Irish accent, but really excited!
AND… I saw the play “Equivocation” today. Absolutely fascinating look at English history and politics through the eyes of William Shakespeare, his daughter Judith, and the “King’s Men” acting troupe and how Shakespeare’s works tie in… specifically, “The Scottish Play”…
AND… I’m going to a wedding in Monsey this Sunday of one of my 13 (Orthodox) South African cousins. I guess it’s time to dig up that long skirt…)
AND… I just found out that my sort of cousin by marriage Denise (who lives in Austin) received 1st place in a juried art show in Brooklyn. (I am so impressed AND I finally get to see one of her shows!!!) YAY!

So much amazingness…

Jenny J Bean


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