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I Want it All, and I’m Willing to Wait… For Now February 11, 2010

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Last night, I watched the Bridges of Madison County. No one warned me… Oh well. Beautiful movie. Good cry.

I guess a large part of the tragedy of the story was that the main character knew that her circumstances wouldn’t allow her to choose happiness without making her family suffer irreparably for her decision. It is really interesting to watch a woman who has already chosen her life path and settled down as she discovers that what she wanted something else for herself. I imagine there are thousands, if not millions of people who want something else for themselves, but press on because there is no other logical or fair choice to make within their circumstances. My least favorite expression in the world is “you can’t have it both ways”. Admittedly, “having it both ways” is not always a good or healthy thing, but I do truly believe that you are only limited by a limited perspective.

I hope that the person that I choose spend my life with will be the same one that I would want to have a four day affair with 17 years from the first time we met. It’s funny… every time I really need something, if I’m patient, at some point something clicks, and it falls in my lap. I can only hope that this one will come eventually… and that I’m not too preoccupied to notice…

I want it all, and I’m willing to wait… for now.

Jenny J Bean


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