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Just ASK me in Irish about that Falafel… February 9, 2010

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I issued a solid schedule and was able to nail down all of my Census people to work this week. Hallelujah! I’m very optimistic about this… hopefully, this will mean a lot less stress for me trying to keep up with everyone’s personal agenda.

My roomy is leaving on tour in 1 1/2 days… I’m going to miss her…

I got officially cast as the character ‘Betty’ in a play called “Kevin’s Bed” at the Irish Cultural Arts Center in April. Yay!!! I have to go and brush up on my Irish since I am the only non-Irish cast member. We’re not talking Irish heritage… We’re talking 1st generation Irish immigrants with Irish brogues. Nothing better than sitting around with six Irish people to help you learn to do an Irish accent. The last time I had to do one was for “Music Man” as Widow Paroo, and I had some intense dialect coaching for that show. (Actually, my dialect coach and director for that show in college just so happens to be the same roomy that is going on tour in 1 1/2 days… who I will miss.)

I saw three plays (2 of which were written by friends of mine) today in a series called “Anyone for a Classy Threesome”. I never cease to be impressed at how talented my friends are. I got involved with the production team of the show “Just ASK Productions” last year when I did a staged reading in their “One Night Stand” series called “One Pill, Two Pills”. One of the producers and I first met working Box Office at the New York Musical Theatre Festival in Box Office in 2008. One of the pieces was a really intensely sad piece about a desperate woman called “Song Five, Circle Two” based on Dante’s Inferno and what I gather is his second ring of hell. It’s still plaguing me five hours later. It didn’t hurt that the Just ASK boys had arranged to have Tahini restaurant donate falafel in honor of one of the plays of the night, 1,001 Peorian Nights (based loosely on 1,001 Arabian Nights). So, I pretty much had an amazing night with a bonus falafel (that was really amazing). Yum!

8 hours later…
Oops. Fell asleep writing again. Posting now…

Jenny J Bean


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