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Marc, I loved your Fanny… February 6, 2010

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Another magical day in the land of Census. I was at Yeshiva U. (Stern Campus) this morning. We tested and processed applications for 22 girls and all 22 scored incredibly well on the qualification test. Some want to work in Jersey or Washington Heights, but we got a solid bunch from the East side.

The last time I was at Stern was in ’06 when I was having kosher sushi in the ‘Caf’ with my cousin Brooke. I was still living in Boston, and the thought of staying in midtown New York City with my cousin was just about the most exciting prospect ever. She also lived right in the thick of things: Lexington and 31st Street. I remember when I was staying in her dorm, all of her friends were actively worried that they would never find husbands and end up old maids. I believe that all of them are now married 4 years later… some with kids– including my cousin who now has a wonderful husband and the cutest baby boy in history. (I’m not biased or anything…)

After Yeshiva, I attended a re-training meeting in which we were informed once again that NY East is the lowest recruited area in the country, and that our department is a huge failure. If I hear that one more time… How is telling an entire department of people (who actually had very little to do with the predicament that the department is in) that their poor quality work is to blame for an inevitable problem? Getting 300 people to apply for work that live between 5th Avenue and Park Avenue between 62nd and 68th streets is impossible. There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it. Faulting our incredibly hard working team for that: not helpful.

After that, I went to a GLBT center to work at a Census event and then to the Encores! musical, Fanny. A friend, Marc Bruni, directed it. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen a Broadway show directed by someone I know personally. Very cool. He did an excellent job! The show was gorgeous, and the direction was spot on. Marc, if you ever actually read this: I am so incredibly impressed by how well done the show was and I am ridiculously excited for you. I see many more amazing shows in your future… Congrats!

Off to sleep and then to Riverdale in the morning and then what I’m anticipating will be an amazing day tomorrow— so excited. More later…

Jenny J Bean


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