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Feng Shui? Not a chance. February 4, 2010

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Good day. 10 out of 11 of my SAT student’s scores went up substantially. One of my private tutor students went up 190 points this week!

I bought some really gorgeous collage frames that hold 12 4×6” pictures for my wall. I’m really excited because I have never managed to get pictures of people up on my wall, and I’ve always wanted to! I just have so much wall space that I never know quite how to fill it. I’m going for something between funky, fun, and classy. I find that it’s hard to achieve all three, but I’m trying. Feng Shui? Not a chance.

I’m thinking about taking a class. For fun. Maybe cooking or cartooning or something that has nothing at all to do with anything already in my life… the one that I need to find right now is called “Boundary Setting 2: How to Not Feel Guilty When Saying No to Others” (The sequel to “Boundary Setting 1: How To Say No in The First Place) … But cooking or cartooning sounds way more relaxing… maybe Mahjongg? I hear I’ll definitely need that skill one day…

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