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Chinese Chicken Salad with Asian “Noodles” February 2, 2010

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I ordered a Chinese Chicken salad with Asian noodles at a restaurant that came out as dry chicken on top of lettuce tossed with wet spaghetti. After 5 or so minutes of trying to stomach it, I gave up and ask the waitress if she could bring me something else. The waitress refused to take it back because there “was nothing wrong with the salad.” After I asked her to please take it back as politely as I could, she said, and I quote, “we can’t take something back just because you don’t like it”.

My friend stepped in and said “there are wet noodles in her salad”. She then told me that the menu said that there were Asian noodles in the salad, so I’m not allowed to complain. I thought I was in the twilight zone…since when is limp, wet spaghetti considered an Asian noodle? Luckily, I had 5 other people with me to confirm my sanity in thinking that she should take it back and trade it for another dish. After talking to the manager, the waitress finally let me re-order something for “$12 or less” (the original cost of the salad). I would have fought with her except that I was too tired. Whatever. What really sucked: they added gratuity to the bill for a large party. I was too exhausted to fight, so we paid it. It doesn’t matter anyway because by being jerks, whether they know it or not, they lost a weekly sale with at least 6 people getting dinner and drinks (we meet every Monday night for a play reading group down the street- and this is the place the group comes to each week after the reading). Needless to say, we’re definitely not going back there… sigh.

Otherwise, it was a pretty good day! I graded essays and made pancakes in the morning, went canvassing for the census in the afternoon, and went to a play reading group in the evening. Some of the plays that they’re writing are phenomenal. Some are even first time playwrights, and their stuff is awesome too. I’m so tired. I’ve already fallen asleep 3 times trying to finish writing this blog…

That’s it. You win sleep. Time for bed.
Jenny J Bea zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…mmmmm.,,.


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