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Back to Square 2- Earning My Life Back February 2, 2010

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Had a meeting with the Census ‘powers that be’ (my boss’s boss and her boss) and I am happy to report that they are most definitely on my side (which, actually, comes as a bit of a surprise, not to mention, an utter and absolute relief). The funny thing about it: I currently don’t have a boss– they haven’t succeeded in replacing my supervisor, and it’s been over a week (which, unfortunately, has just been adding to the chaos). Finding out that I actually have a support system at work couldn’t have come at a better time. I was nearing the breaking point, and the meeting definitely brought my stress level back down to square 2. (It’s going to take a little more to get me back to ‘square 1’, but I’m grateful either way.)

I’m finally putting my room back in order because I came home at 7:30pm today, which I haven’t been able to do in 2 or 3 weeks. Woo hoo! It looks like I might just be earning my life back. I am working hard getting organized, getting the work done, and most importantly: setting my boundaries. The fact that I’m writing this blog at 9:30pm is huge! (As opposed to my typical 1:30am ‘as I am falling asleep’ blogging tendencies …)

Pictures are now back up on the wall (for the first time since the flood), one corner of the room back where it belongs… 3 corners left to go… set aside a ton of stuff to give away… Listening, cleaning, and dancing to my favorite play list… right now it’s on “Play a Simple Melody” (Irving Berlin)…

Huge relief and smiles happening. Really.

Jenny J Bean

Quote of the Day: If you want your children to be Jewish, you gotta explain what a matzoh ball is, and that’s a lot.


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